Quocirca Report, Print Security Landscape 2022 study

The latest release from “Quocirca’s Global Print Security Landscape 2022” report reveals that many organizations struggle to keep up with print security demands in today’s hybrid work environment.

Organizations need to look at investing and ensuring that the print environment is secured to the same levels expected across any other area of the IT platform.

We at Oberon Americas, as MPS Monitor providers for the Americas Region, are excited to cite a paragraph from this report:

“MPS Monitor adopts a holistic approach to the security of the entire print environment. The platform offers a robust set of security features and capabilities to protect data, user accounts, and infrastructure; provide device security services to end customers, enable cloud print services through a secure cloud-like Microsoft Azure, as well as remote monitoring without a DCA.”

For more, we invite you to read the report Quocirca-Print-Security-2022-Report

Please note that this is a report excerpt. The full report is available at https://quocirca.com/print-security-2022.

About Oberon Americas:

Oberon Americas provides next generation printer fleet solutions and supplies management platforms for print service providers. Oberon America helps print service providers and distributors achieve new levels of printer optimization resulting in revenue growth and increased profitability via the IoT and cloud data collection technology.  Oberon Americas is the exclusive provider of our IoT-Cloud Based MPS Platform powered by MPS Monitor for the Americas region, offering to dealers, OEM’s, Toner Manufacturers, Resellers and Fortune 500 companies the most reliable, flexible, and secure Next Generation Managed Print Cloud Platforms for all your printing services.

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About MPS Monitor

With more than 1,000,000 printing devices and 30 billion pages monitored each year on over 150,000 end users, MPS Monitor is one of the major IoT software solutions globally for monitoring printing devices and the provision of Managed Print Services. MPS Monitor provides a comprehensive SaaS platform for monitoring and managing printers, available on the cloud, and equipped with a full set of APIs for integrating external software solutions. Its highly scalable and high-performing data collection technology allows Dealers/VARs, large end-users, manufacturers, and retailers of printer consumables to satisfy any need associated with the management of printing devices, recording of page volumes, and supply of toner in an automatic and controlled way. The MPS Monitor Cloud service is managed within an ISO/IEC 27001:2014 certified Information Security Management System and guarantees full compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Recently, MPS Monitor successfully completed the System and Organization Controls 2 Type 1 (SOC 2 Type 1) audit. The company has collaborations with key technology industry leaders, including Microsoft, HP, Okta, Asolvi and Zebra Technologies, while some of the industry’s most respected organisations – including IDC, Quocirca and Keypoint Intelligence – have endorsed MPS Monitor’s solutions. In addition to its founding office in Milan, Italy, MPS Monitor has a presence in the UK, from where it is spearheading its global expansion plans.