The podcast "IoP" or Internet of Printers is focused on moving the MPS industry into the next generation!  Using state of the art MPS cloud solution and Artificial Intelligence to change the industry fundamentally.  

Meet Our Hosts

Denis Dreni

Oberon Americas CEO

Denis Dreni
Timothy Robertson


Timothy Robertson
Special Guest


Oberon Americas Guest

S1E3 - Printer Security

Odell Betty joins our hosts to discuss Cloud service providers that focus on security and Real-Time Data via the power of an IoT platform leapfrog their competition and grow fast through acquisitions of Security conscious customers like Banks, Financial Institutions, and Government organizations!

S1E2 - MPS Program

David Vyse (QRX) joins our hosts to share the key to a successful MPS program as well as outlines some of his Strategies when it comes to growing in transformational times for print by leading with Cloud and Security while never underestimating the power of Customer Service!

S1E1 - What is 'IoP'?

How will the Internet of Printers (IoP) drastically change declining revenues, shrinking of profit margins, account consolidation, acquisitions of new dealership & customers, and especially Why is it so important to the new post-Covid normal with the rise of Work-From-Home employees? Our hosts are joined by by our special guest moderator Jeff Hunter - Listen in!