"Sales Suite PRO powered by Oberon Americas", the MUST platform to make your sales process smarter!

What we offer with Sales Suite PRO:

  • Customer Acquisition that will allow you to gain market share like never before
  • Know-how database for your TCO analysis of competitors' devices and calculate process costs at the end customer site
  • Visualization of your projects with our award-winning floor-plan module
  • Update your sales management with solid planning and forecasts 
  • 30+ Customized and Branded reports in Word, Excel and PowerPoint by using our report generator
  • Address the environmental concerns of your customers with our Green IT tool

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About Us

Oberon Americas specializes in researching, designing, and delivering cloud software platforms for printers of all brands & models. Oberon Americas (OA) and its IoT Cloud Platform powered by MPS Monitor have redefined the rapidly growing Managed Print Software Device (MPSD) market via a cloud, subscription-based next-generation Internet of Printers (IOP) product offering. We are the exclusive provider of the MPS Monitor SRL solution for North and South America, offering to dealers, OEM's, Toner Manufacturers, and Fortune 500 companies the most reliable, flexible, and secure MPS cloud platform for all your printing services. Our team is building the Internet of Printers® 2030, with the most comprehensive middleware platform which helps print dealers and OEMs to monitor and monetize 100% of their machines in the field.

What is Sales Suite PRO? 

The perfect Dealer Acquisition Cloud-Solution

Sales Suite PRO is a module that automatize, standardize and simplify your sales activities in office equipment and in IT industry

Make your sales process digital starting with:


Digital recording of the current situation at the customer’s site. Quick and easy capturing of IT hardware, printers, scanners, MFPs, software, and processes.


A professional evaluation presentation of the current state with findings, conclusions, and potential recognition with one click.


Intuitive optimization tool for easy design of strategic solutions & offers. Recognize the best strategy for you and your customers.


Standardized offers and contracts simplifying the internal processes.


An overview for Sales Managers and owners to control and manage success. Anytime and anywhere – online overview of projects, forecast and closing potential.




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