Automated Managed Print Services

Next Generation Print Fleet Management Cloud Platform

A turnkey solution built for Dealers and Manage Print Service Providers

Who is Oberon Americas?

Oberon Americas specializes in researching, designing and delivering cloud software platforms for printers of all brands & models.  We are the exclusive provider of the MPS Monitor SRL solution for the Americas offering to dealers, OEM's, Toner Manufacturers, Resellers and Fortune 500 companies the most reliable, flexible and secure next generate MPS cloud platform for all your printing services.  Our team is building the Internet of Printers® 2030, with the most comprehensive middleware platform which helps print dealers and OEM's monitor and monetize 100% of their machines in the field.

What is MPS Monitor?

MPS Monitor is a secure IoT & cloud-based print fleet and supplies management platform that delivers on five pillars of digital workspaces while allowing you to focus on your customer and your revenues.

Secure Data Cloud

We provide a reliable, accessible and secure platform using advanced security standards.

ISO/IEC 27001:2014

GDRP Compliant

TLS DCACommunication

Outsourced Penetration Testing

HP worldwide Cyber Security Clearance

Multi-platform DCA

Our flexible DCA can be installed on any OS to detect networked and USB devices.

Microsoft Windows DCA


Linux DCA

Raspberry PI DCA

ServerLess DCA Installation(Embedded)

DCA Clustering

Remote Remediation

Reduce time resolving device issues by utilizing the built-in remote remediation tools.

HP SDS 2.0 Exclusive Features

Remote Firmware Upgrade

Remote Firmware Downgrade

Reboot suspected device

Security Policy Management

Security Policy Audit

Security Policy Remediation

Business Intelligence

Advanced BI tools, charts and graphs make collecting, reporting and analysis a breeze.

Custom Printer usage reporting

Custom DCA connectivity reporting

Consumable reporting

Custom report creation

Custom Field Reporting

Power BI Charts and Graphs

IoP API Platform

Fully documented API platform enables automation to save on time and cost.

ERP Integrations

CRM Integrations

API enabled platform

Logistics Integration

Documented API

SDK Support

How does it work?

The most complete and reliable software platform for remote monitoring and management of printers.

  • An award winning UX/UI

User experience that requires no training and will empower dealers to manage more printers with less resources

  • A powerful engine

An AI & BI powered solution while ensuring high performance and feature availability through flexible APIs on every function

  • The perfect platform

Built-in tools to generate dynamic reports and integrate with ERP, CRM, E-commerce and logistics management applications for your MPS and Non MPS operation.

No printers left behind with our USB and Serverless DCA strategy!

Frustrated with restarting your DCA? We can rescue you

Looking to diversify your cost per page business model post- COVID? 

What does it look like?

Quickly navigate to view and manage devices, review total volume and consumable usage

Who is using it?

Organizations that are transforming the world by using our secure IoT & cloud-based print fleet and supplies management platform.


Want to see more?

Our demos are prepared with no obligation and they come with a full migration path from your old legacy DCA system.  They include our Digital Concierge team and everything to show the automation  that enables you to maximize the Revenues from all your devices & supplies for Any Printer, Any Platform and Any Brand.


5+ Million Customers


2200+ Dealers


1.2M+ Devices


58 Countries

5+ million


2200 dealers


1.2+ Million

Monitored Devices