Next Generation Automated Managed Print Services

Next Generation Printer Fleet & Supplies Management Cloud Platform

What do we offer?

  • Managed printing devices under control: only the information you need, when you need it.
  • The data is accessible via a modern graphical portal for maximum simplicity of use.
  • Extremely reliable collection of networked & USB connected printer data thanks to the Exclusive DCA Clustering technology.

Who’s it designed for?

  • For dealers and resellers of printers and multifunction devices of any Brand.
  • For all managed service providers that remotely manage their customers network and assets
  • The solution seamlessly integrates in the dealer’s ERP and CRM systems thanks to an advanced API system.

How can I buy it?

  • MPS Monitor is a Cloud solution, provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) exclusively Distributed and Supported by Oberon Americas.
  • The user pays a subscription to access the Service via the Web Portal, without buying any hardware or software license.

Remote printer management and monitoring of printing devices including: laser, inkjet, single function, multi-functional , thermal printers, barcode printers, label printers.  

Oberon Americas has well-established operational practices, which allow providers of Managed Print Services to improve their Revenue while increasing efficiency and profitability with the power of Cloud Computing and IoT.

The first customer creation

MPS Monitor 2.0:  Network configuration

MPS Monitor 2.0: 
Cluster DCA

Additional Solution Features


Our solution automatically detects depleting consumables, and based on the brand, model and the part number initiate the process to have the replacement at the device at the right time.

Consumable Monitoring

Looking to manage consumables for different customers at different levels? Our solution allows you to customize alerts and notifications at different levels for various makes, models and customers.

Device Discovery

Our multi-platform data collection agent makes the process of identifying print devices matched with their IP addresses, office location, meter data, consumable levels and a wealth of device specific information very easy.

Usage data report

The reports analyze all the device fleet data, both current and historical and includes device fleet composition, inventory by office, printing volumes, consumable movements, forecasts and closing summaries.

Support for cost allocation

Sophisticated management of locations and cost centres, which can be structured and customized according to customer’s needs, with the resulting customized reporting.

Email notifications

Option to activate the automatic email notification of an event, its management and its conclusion. Fully customizable text and data of the email, and freely linkable to the various types of events.