New Feature announcement: HP SDS Cloud DCA

Today we announce the integration of HP SDS Cloud DCA: an innovative and revolutionary approach to Remote Monitoring and Management of HP devices.

MPS Monitor now allows to monitor and manage any networked HP FutureSmart Device, without installing and maintaining a DCA on the customer’s network.

The platform integrates natively the newest HP technology of Cloud DCA. It allows HP devices to connect and interact with the cloud without the need of any on-premises connector, or another local component. By configuring supported devices to directly connect to the HP Cloud, a dealer can reduce the cost of providing MPS services to a customer while maintaining the advanced capabilities of the SDS platform.

Cloud DCA enables users to monitor and manage supported HP devices in a full and comprehensive way: meter reading, consumables level, alerts management, plus all the SDS functionalities are available. Device reboot, Firmware upgrade, Remote EWS access, Service requests, and all other powerful SDS features can be accessed in a fast and easy way in the MPS Monitor Portal, regardless of the presence of a DCA on the customer’s network.

Dealers and HP partners can now manage their devices remotely without the burden and cost of installing and maintaining DCAs, which are often a big source of inefficiency and operational cost for them. Even if the DCAs are clustered, they can always become a point of failure for the entire Remote Monitoring and Management infrastructure: when a DCA is down, the dealer does not receive data on meters and consumables, thus invoicing of pages and shipping of needed supplies are impacted. Remote service and maintenance operations are not available in absence of a valid and active SDS Windows connector, so a simple PC / Server shutdown or maintenance performed by a customer may negatively affect an entire Managed Print Service environment and create disservice and dissatisfaction toward the MPS provider.

Using the Cloud DCA, there is no more risk of downtime and disservice, as the devices are permanently connected with the cloud and exchange data in a continuous and fully reliable way, without any external interference due to on-premises component not working.

Cloud DCA can be activated on all HP Future Smart Devices with Internet access and a Firmware version of 4.9.x or later.

It is also supported in a mixed environment, where on the same customer are present one or more on-premises MPS Monitor DCA connectors. If the on-premises connector fails or is deactivated, the printers with Cloud DCA will continue to be monitored and managed in the same way and with no interruption.

To activate the Cloud DCA on your customers, please choose a Customer, go to the Device page and follow the procedure described in the “Onboarding HP Devices using HP Cloud DCA” page:

For any information on the HP Cloud DCA, please refer to your Oberon Americas support team, or write an email to