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MPS Monitor 2.0 partners with Kodak Alaris to provide secure and automatic monitoring of scanning devices

Kodak Alaris channel partners can now leverage MPS Monitor 2.0 platform for full visibility on their managed scanning devices

MPS Monitor®, the developer and distributor of the leading platform for the remote monitoring and management of printers and multifunctional devices, today announced that MPS Monitor 2.0 is now available to monitor document scanners from Kodak Alaris. Consequently, Kodak Alaris channel partners who offer managed scan services to their customers can now benefit from MPS Monitor 2.0’s advanced technology to automatically monitor scanning devices and securely collect all the data about their customers’ scans.

Kodak Alaris is a leading supplier of information capture solutions aimed at simplifying business processes, leveraging decades of innovation in the field of image science. Accurate, high-quality document scanning, along with intelligent software and reliable services from Kodak Alaris, provide customers with a powerful competitive advantage. The firm’s award-winning range of scanners, software and services is available worldwide through Kodak Alaris’ network of channel partners.

The integration of Kodak Alaris within the MPS Monitor 2.0 platform is possible through the MPS Capture Agent from Kodak Alaris. Thanks to the automation achieved in the data collection process, Kodak Alaris channel partners have complete control of pay-per-scan contracts with their customers, streamlining operations related to invoicing. Data can also be used to predict volume and consumption, with a continuous comparison between forecasts and actual use, and they are also able to monitor the lamp’s usage and duration.

Global leader in SaaS for managed print services delivers rich analytics to customers with Power BI Embedded

MPS Monitor is a worldwide leader in the development of software for managed print services, and they provide a complete software as a service (SaaS) cloud platform for remotely monitoring and managing printers. Thousands of dealers in more than 60 countries use MPS Monitor to manage a fleet of more than one million printing devices. MPS Monitor used Microsoft Power BI and Azure to deliver a comprehensive, easy-to-use data analytics environment and provide visual and interactive access to data for their customers. This enabled users to get control and have clarity on the critical business factors and metrics that affect their costs, operational efficiency, and service performances.

Before the adoption of Power BI, the company relied on multidimensional OLAP cubes to provide basic BI functionalities. Data were processed every night in the cloud system and updated daily—not in real time. This required a massive amount of data to be sent to customers every day via file sharing services as CUBE files.

Customers would then connect to those files and interact with data using Excel pivot tables, but out of the 40,000 users of MPS Monitor’s web portal, less than 5 percent have the advanced knowledge needed to gain insights from data in this format. This data environment made it increasingly difficult and time-consuming to create useful and compelling reports and graphics, as well as share those visualizations.

The fact that their BI capabilities were not integrated with MPS Monitor’s existing web portal meant it was not scalable. As their number of users began to grow, it became increasingly difficult to produce and distribute hundreds of CUBEs every day and the OLAP environment become more challenging to maintain.

In response to this challenge, Nicola De Blasi, Chief Executive Officer, and Alberto Gastaldo, Chief Data Officer at MPS Monitor made plans to implement a more advanced BI environment that could better meet their needs. The data analytics solution needed to fulfill some fundamental requirements, such as full self-service capabilities and ease of use—even for non-technical users—to allow users to create and customize their own analysis and reports, without any involvement of software developers or BI experts.

De Blasi and Gastaldo were also keen for their solution to have real-time data sync with the operational database, high-performance processing of large amounts of data, and full integration in the platform with transparent access inside the web application portal—no external services or additional accounts needed.

Data and business expertise fusion delivers strategic BI solution

Leadership at MPS Monitor knew they wanted to take advantage of interoperating with their existing Microsoft platforms, so Power BI was a natural fit. They could also take advantage of the existing internal knowledge of certified trainers (MCTs) who deliver training courses on Power BI. To achieve their goals, they needed a fully integrated BI experience within the MPS Monitor web portal to prevent the need for users to access data in multiple places, manage additional accounts, or be trained on an external application.

De Blasi and Gastaldo envisioned BI as an integral part of their web application, fully transparent and deeply integrated. Also, because it was not possible for the company to manage thousands of requests coming from customers for specialized reports and dashboards, their solution needed options for self-service to allow users to create reports independently.

The Power BI Embedded platform satisfies all of these business and technical requirements as well as being powerful, expandable, and a market leader. De Blasi says, “We were looking for a market-leader tool such as Power BI Embedded that guarantees investment over time. Also, the presence of video tutorials, communities, blogs, courses, etc., was another key factor in the software selection—especially for more advanced users who may want to do self-training or search for help while authoring reports.”

Their BI solution, called MPS Monitor Analytics, was designed and implemented entirely by the MPS Monitor core team without any external resource. Their team took a fusion approach to solving their business challenges—including data experts, front-end developers, and businesspeople—to ensure that both data model and user experience were adequate to the project’s expectation. Their philosophy of continuous improvement in BI and every aspect of how they do business drove focus on delivering a quality solution for their customers rather than completing it in a specific timeframe.

The initial project launch was led by Gastaldo, an MCT-certified data expert with deep skills on Microsoft BI technologies who has been working several years as a Power BI trainer for official Microsoft Official Courses and custom BI courses. He currently leads a team of four senior data experts with deep expertise in data platform and database management and development, and they all contribute significantly to the success of the solution.

Stunning visuals display critical BI with little time investment

Ultimately, the team decided to transform the existing OLAP environment in a newly designed SQL Server Analysis Services tabular data model. Most of the effort was dedicated to the data model design to ensure optimal performance—even in a fully online environment with a very large database and thousands of concurrent users accessing the platform.

Next, they incorporated Power BI Embedded technology, which enables access of the new analytics functionality within the existing web portal and security model. Lastly, the developers created a library of default reports to provide users with the main and basic information and to show the potential of the tool.

Figure 1. Data flow visualization shows how user engagement triggers Power BI Embedded capabilities within the existing data sources.

MPS Monitor’s ETL process uses SQL Server Integration Services packages to extract data from online transactional processing into staging tables inside the data warehouse. Then, using stored procedures and mainly merge statements, data is pushed into fact and dimension tables, which are then loaded into the SQL Server Analysis Services tabular model. Data are stored in a single, multi-tenant tabular data model, where all customers’ data are present. MPS Monitor Analytics uses row-level security to ensure that each of the users has access only to the data allowed for its account.

Typical users of the MPS Monitor portal are operational professionals who manage consumables logistics, invoicing, and maintenance within managed print services engagements, such as finance managers and service managers. Users access MPS Monitor Analytics from within the MPS Monitor portal via a tab on the left side of the web app, which means no additional authentication is required.

Once inside the portal, customers can access default system reports—created by the internal MPS Monitor team—in read-only mode, or “clone” a system report in the personal area, allowing them to create, edit, and delete personal reports. MPS Monitor also provides their customers with access to Power BI training resources catered to all skill levels within their web portal.

Figure 2. A list of system (default) reports available in the left column and personal reports in the right column.

Within individual reports, whether default or custom, users can simply right-click on an available link to perform drill-down functions to gain targeted, specific data analytics without needing to complete complex data queries.

Users are also able to customize which reports show up on their home screen dashboard by default without having to navigate to the Analytics tab. This gives customers instant access to reports that display the most relevant data, such as fleet performance by geographic location, which printer platforms are being used most/least, print volumes, and more.

Figure 3. A preconfigured drill-down on print volumes by dealer which users only need to click on to access data insights.

In the spirit of perpetual innovation, Gastaldo and De Blasi realized they could make it even easier for their customers to gain quick access to BI without the need to navigate to the Analytics tab. The internal development team accomplished this through the extensibility to embed Power BI capabilities anywhere within the MPS Monitor web portal by creating single-page drill-down reports, called widgets, that can exist outside of the larger system reports.

BI widgets are simple, one-page Power BI reports linked to buttons disseminated in the various functions and pages in the application. Essentially, the user finds a button in a page which opens a pop-up window with a very simple yet effective data drill-down on the information present in that page. For example, from the customer’s page, users can open a widget to see how their fleet is composed in terms of brands, models, and types of devices—all with the click of a button and without any complex search or extraction.

“The addition of the widgets function was unexpected, because we initially planned to keep our BI user experience consolidated in a single and separate application, a sort of portal subsection dedicated to Power BI,” explains De Blasi. “Having learned how easy and effective it is to create embedded reports, we have started to create and position the widgets—almost for fun—in many areas within our entire web portal. Now, the customers have beautiful, detailed BI reports that offer insights at a glance.”

Figure 4. One-page widget reports display information such as number of pages printed, supplies intelligence, and information about managed devices.

This robust but simply added feature to MPS Monitor’s solution makes critical data, such as profitability by customer and predictive demand of consumables, instantly accessible to customers. The widget reports are created internally by the development team and are intentionally not editable. This way, it caters to the user that wants instant BI without having to navigate to reports or needing to perform their own customization.

“It took us less than a day to create an individual widget report with Power BI Embedded,” says Gastaldo. “If we had needed to engage a developer to create something like this on the front-end framework, it would have taken two weeks. And the analytics wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful of a visualization.”

Full self-service BI experience attracts new customers

The MPS Monitor Analytics solution enables users to access a full BI environment from within their previously existing web application—all without the need for separate accounts, different portals, or additional licensing. They now offer a full self-service BI experience with the ability to modify existing reports or to create new ones from a blank canvas, and no need to pay (or wait) for developers to create new BI reports.

Additionally, customers can learn how to use BI by accessing the huge knowledge base available on Power BI on the web, which eliminates the need to provide complex and expensive customized training. All the while, MPS Monitor has experienced excellent performance using an online tabular data model with direct access to the data source, removing the need for any on-premises server or local component.

The commercial value that this platform brings to MPS Monitor and to its customers is significant. About 40 percent of new subscribers say that the presence of BI features has greatly influenced their decision to use MPS Monitor’s services. Ninety percent, having migrated from a previous monitoring system to MPS Monitor, commented that the former system did not have anything comparable to their BI features.

As De Blasi states, “For over a decade, MPS Monitor has been the ideal solution for dealers in the print industry. The powerful features of our analytics solution allow the user to understand all the operational and economic trends and indicators related to a fleet of printing devices. The use of Microsoft Power BI Embedded technology provides extremely sophisticated analysis even for users without previous BI experience, thanks to its extreme user-friendliness.”

Lifelong innovation

MPS Monitor is also a Microsoft 365 Universal Print partner and has built a deep interoperability between their platform and Universal Print, to enable users to have a single SaaS platform where they can manage most of their needs and activities related to their printer fleet. Their goal is to help dealers and customers to move their print server to Azure cloud services using MPS Monitor.

They plan to add data coming from Universal Print—like print jobs and usage of printers by each user—into the same data model. Ultimately, this will significantly enrich the existing data visualizations and analytics provided using Power BI Embedded, thus providing a complete BI platform for everything related to printing activities, processes, and costs.

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All Covered and Oberon Americas partner to integrate Forza ERP and Oberon Americas Fleet Management Platform powered by MPS Monitor

It is with great pleasure to announce that OBERON AMERICAS have partnered with Forza/All Covered to bring Real-time sync between our Fleet Management Platform powered by MPS Monitor and your ERP system powered by Forza.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. Inc., along with its IT services division, All Covered, has announced a new technology partnership formed by FORZA, the company's ERP solution, and Oberon Americas' print fleet management solution, MPS Monitor.

FORZA builds and integrates into the SAP Business One platform to provide support for service, sales and contract management, allowing for more proactive management of customer interaction for maximum business gain and efficiencies. In order to provide its ERP customers with the reliable printer data they need, FORZA now integrates MPS Monitor's meter monitoring services into its solutions to offer tracking, reporting and billing support. MPS Monitor provides a cloud solution for remote printer monitoring and print fleet management, fully compliant with ISO/IEC 27001, SOC2 and GDPR, for monitoring and managing printing devices in managed print services or pay-per-page mode.

With remote and hybrid work models likely here to stay, now more than ever, companies are looking for one tool to proactively monitor their printer and MFP fleets efficiently. Software options have come a long way in their ability to provide meter tracking, monitor consumables and enable billing. The adoption of such programs by businesses of all sizes can serve to support digital transformation and help drive revenue.

"As we work to streamline our customers' business processes, we need the ability to customize solutions to each company's data capture requirements, and partnerships like this make that possible," said Drew Cataldo, vice president of business development, All Covered. "This technology ensures seamless, automated management of entire fleets of printers and copiers, ultimately driving more revenue through better control over billing."

An all-inclusive ERP offering, FORZA streamlines all business processes onto one platform, providing companies with a comprehensive ERP system to manage current infrastructure and business processes while enabling growth from increasing sales to delivering products for its customers.

"Oberon Americas brings together in one award-winning platform the power of IoT, artificial intelligence, MFD-embedded development and cloud computing powered by MPS Monitor, focusing on the internet of printers (IoP)," said Denis Dreni, CEO, Oberon Americas. "Helping our customers take control of all their print services revenue and remote remediation costs is our core mission. Oberon Americas' next-generation platform is the only secure cloud multibrand platform for both network- and USB-connected print devices. We are excited to partner with FORZA in helping its vast network of dealers build the IoP, one printer at a time — any printer, any platform, any place — while adding to our 2,200 existing dealers."

"For more than 10 years, MPS Monitor has been the ideal solution for dealers who wish to manage their business processes in the best way possible," said Nicola De Blasi, CEO, MPS Monitor Srl. "The partnership between Oberon Americas and FORZA will help even more dealers reach the IoP concept, by streamlining their processes and getting the best out of MPS Monitor functionalities."

MPS Monitor announces a further boost to its security profile by achieving SOC2 compliance

The leading SaaS provider for Managed Print Services has successfully completed a SOC 2 Type 1 examination performed by A-LIGN

MPS Monitor and Oberon Americas, the company that distributes and supports the leading platform for the remote monitoring and management of printers and multifunctional devices, today announced its successful completion of its System and Organization Controls 2 Type 1 (SOC 2® Type 1) examination. The achievement is another significant endorsement of MPS Monitor’s holistic approach to Print Security, as it further validates the company’s ongoing efforts to comply with recognized industry standards and to provide the most secure cloud infrastructure for remote monitoring and management of print devices.

The independent examination, conducted by leading cybersecurity assessment firm A-LIGN, confirms that MPS Monitor’s security practices and controls meet the Trust Services Criteria for Security, Availability, and Confidentiality as of April 30th, 2021.

Established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the SOC 2 examination is designed for organizations of any size, regardless of industry and scope, and passing it confirms that the personal assets of their potential and existing customers are protected. SOC 2 reports are recognized globally and affirm that a company’s infrastructure, software, people, data, policies, procedures and operations have been formally reviewed.

Since being certified with the ISO/IEC 27001 standard in 2017, MPS Monitor continues to look for ways to improve its Information Security Management System, and during 2020 the company decided to test its compliance with further international security standards. With the help of the A-LIGN team, a SOC 2 testing plan was designed and approved, with the goal of completing SOC 2 Type 1 in the first half of 2021 and, as a next step, SOC 2 Type 2 after one year. With today’s announcement, the first milestone of this plan has been completed successfully.

Ty Brush, Director of EMEA and APAC at A-LIGN, said: “SOC 2 is a rigorous and prescriptive information security audit standard. Global service organizations, like MPS Monitor, are increasingly looking to SOC 2 to demonstrate the design and operating effectiveness of their internal controls. The success of MPS Monitor’s SOC 2 Type 1 examination highlights its ongoing commitment to the security, availability and confidentiality of customer data.”

MPS Monitor will make its SOC 2 Type 1 Report available immediately to current or potential customers through authentication to its Portal and upon e-signature of a specific non-disclosure agreement (NDA).


Oberon Americas Academy

Our team is very excited to Officially Announce Oberon Americas Academy!

We welcome all our dealers and partners to our Oberon Americas Academy.

The Academy includes a dedicated YouTube Channel in English & Spanish, a password-protected Online Portal, Indexed User Manuals, an Online Ticketing system, Self-paced videos, and even a dedicated Podcast Channel focusing on unfolding the importance of the Internet of Printers for all our partners in the Document Imaging industry leaving behind their old legacy solution and rapidly adopting our Next-Generation IoT Platform.

"Our customers will benefit greatly from Oberon Americas curriculum-based approach when looking at Next-Generation solution-suites in the Office Automation space. As they look to adopt our Print Fleet Management, Advance TCO &Acquisition Platform, or our OCR As-a-Service Platform, our 24/7 Oberon Americas Academy will be at their fingertips," said Denis Dreni, CEO of Oberon Americas. 

Our dealers and partners will be able to access the Academy 24/7, any time, at their convenience, with many lessons and best practices around Managed Print Revenue Optimizations in terms of Fleet Management, Remote Remediation, Security Assessment, Advance TCO's, and many other topics.

Happy Learning!

Oberon Americas Team 

Start now: Oberon Americas Academy

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