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Jay Brown – Marco Net

“I can confirm the rollout of features over the last year has been impressive. What gets me most excited about MPS Monitor is its disruptive approach to these traditionally stagnant and boring tools. The visualizations and custom dashboards are very nice. It is a far stretch from the sterile environment our customers are used to with traditional FMAudit access. I would encourage anyone to do the full proof of concept and ensure a solid implementation plan for a switch-over. We’ve greatly enjoyed working with the Oberon Americas team.”

– Jay Brown, Information Security Manager, Marco Net

David Vyse – QRX Technology Group

“Twenty years ago, it was really about toner and services fulfillment, ensuring that supplies got on-site in a reasonable amount of time, and billing by the page. The industry has now evolved into many new workflow solutions, and security is top of mind of most IT professionals. QRX has integrated MPS Monitor into many facets of our business, such as operating systems and ticketing systems.”

– David Vyse, Vice President – Managed Device Services, QRX Technology Group

Barry Burress – VP Operations, Virginia Business Systems

“[Oberon Americas] are great to work with, tech support is wonderful, and they are doing all the backbone stuff for us. So far, it has been a wonderful experience. I expect nothing but the best experience moving forward.”

– Barry Burress – Vice President Operations, Virginia Business Systems

IDC Report, March 2021

“With its cloud-based architecture, vendor-agnostic approach, security focus, and direct integration with HP Inc.’s Smart Device Services (SDS) and Microsoft Universal Print (UP), MPS Monitor is uniquely positioned to help meet the evolving needs of the hybrid workforce.”

Pedro Torres – Dex Imaging

“The functions that the [MPS Monitor] DCA possesses, especially on HP devices, to observe, alert and resolve issues via firmware upgrade or downgrade … via HP SDS cloud was remarkable to the customer and myself and highlighted another unique feature that makes the Oberon Americas DCA product unique and superior to other DCAs.”

– Pedro Torres, System Engineer Regional Manager, Dex Imaging

Nicola De Blasi

Having learned how easy and effective it is to create embedded reports, we have started to create and position the widgets—almost for fun—in many areas within our entire web portal. Now, the customers have beautiful, detailed BI reports that offer insights at a glance.

Nicola De Blasi

We were looking for a market-leader tool such as Power BI Embedded that guarantees investment over time. Also, the presence of video tutorials, communities, blogs, courses, etc., was another key factor in the software selection—especially for more advanced users who may want to do self-training or search for help while authoring reports.

Alberto Gastaldo

It took us less than a day to create an individual widget report with Power BI Embedded. If we had needed to engage a developer to create something like this on the front-end framework, it would have taken two weeks. And the analytics wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful of a visualization.