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Why it’s time for dealers to move to MPS Monitor 2.0.?

The latest MPS Monitor’s global marketing campaign, ‘Why it’s time for dealers to move to MPS Monitor 2.0.’, does not only encourage print dealers to migrate to MPS Monitor 2.0. but also, proactively trigger new dealers who don’t currently offer a print monitoring service to their customers.

MPS Monitor makes a difference from other print monitoring services due to its unique ease of usereliability, data flow, and its robust security and flexibility. These features make it the optimal choice for any dealer who manages a fleet of printing devices. 

Dealers benefit from offering MPS Monitor 2.0 because it enables them to improve service levels, reduce costs, increase margins, and create new revenue streams. Furthermore, the data reliability and increased security of MPS Monitor offers greater loyalty and stability between dealers and their customers. Dealers’ customers benefit from MPS Monitor solution because it gives them full visibility into their print, enriched with reports, factual data, and historical analyses updated in real-time. 

To help dealers migrate or adopt MPS Monitor 2.0, the company has created multiple assets. These include Migration Home Page (Change your route!) on MPS Monitor’s website that encourages visitors to download an informative eBook entitled ‘Your MPS Monitor Adoption Journey Starts here’ to communicate MPS Monitor’s value proposition among the dealer community. As MPS Monitor is expanding worldwide, the eBook is available in English, Italian, German, French, and Spanish.

Of particular note is the eBook and its key value-add component. Its interactive Gap Analysis Tool. It will enable dealers to compare the platform they are currently using with the features and functions of the MPS Monitor 2.0 platform. With just a few clicks, dealers can check if their current solution’s security parameters, integration, DCA technology, consumable logistics, contract management, and advanced data analysis functions are supported by a state-of-the-art technology, which is compatible with the industry standards and market demands. 

 In the case of a dealer’s current platform lacking any essential features offered by MPS Monitor 2.0, the eBook provides a detailed guide to help dealers start migrating to MPS Monitor.

Commenting on its dealer recruitment drive, Nicola De BlasiCEO of MPS Monitor, said: “In the last 15 months, dealers have proved, helping their customers to adopt hybrid working models successfully.

With more people working and printing from home, print has adapted to this shift. Therefore, there has never been a better time for dealers to help their customers bring their print fleet back under control, either by migrating to MPS Monitor 2.0 or introducing it as their remote monitoring and management solution for printers and multifunction devices.” He added: “MPS Monitor has a track record of helping dealers deliver exceptional results, thanks to its ease of use, reliability of its data flow, robust security and flexibility; all of this combine to ensure that dealers and their end-users can enjoy a rapid ROI. This is imperative, given that businesses are now working to recover from the pandemic. We believe that our migration campaign and recruitment drive will help dealers drive new revenue streams. At the same time, the customers they serve will benefit from optimized efficiency, visibility, and simplicity of print management.”

MPS Monitor is endorsed by some of the industry’s reputable organizations, including IDC. It considers MPS Monitor “a strategic player in the market, providing added value to customers and channel partners alike with a robust solution that offers capabilities beyond traditional device management platforms.” Meanwhile, Quocirca included it in its Print Security Landscape 2020, stating that “MPS Monitor 2.0 is a cloud-based print management platform that offers a robust solution for MPS providers and channel partners to provide integrated print management to their customers.” Furthermore, the platform has also been highlighted in Quocirca’s Cloud Print Services Report 2021 and the podcast series “In The Spotlight with Quocirca.” Additionally, in 2020, KeyPoint Intelligence awarded the platform with a Platinum Rating and a BLI Pick Award for Outstanding Fleet Management Solution. MPS Monitor also earned a Security Validation Testing Seal for its security capabilities on HP devices.


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